BidWorks, Inc. ("BidWorks") is an online bidding and offer platform for buying and selling highly differentiated new homes and condos. We work with the nation's most elite real estate developers to provide homebuyers (and their agents) the ability to bid on the best new homes and condos on the market, located in the best cities, in the best neighborhoods, and in the best school districts.

How does it work

BidWorks allows homebuyers (and their agents) the ability to bid on new construction homes and condos in real-time anywhere in the world on their mobile or desktop devices using the BidWorks website or app. BidWorks simultaneously hosts an offline bidding option on-site of a model home or via absentee bid.

By integrating with real estate developers, BidWorks can provide homebuyers (and their buying agents) with a revolutionarily fast and transparent transaction process that can be carried out in 30 days or less. Through our close relationships with builders, we also provide consumers with the latest, best new home and condo inventory on the market, a feat unmatched by any other online real estate platform.



Efficient Price-Setting

Sustain Buyer Momentum

Facilitate Foreign Audiences

Agents & Brokers

Work On Client's Behalf

Save Time on Negotiations

Capture Only Motivated Parties


Transact Faster

Increase Offer Transparency

Discover Best Homes on Market